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Disgusting Panties for you Nasty Freaks!!!

Okay so those of you that follow My twitter know that I woke up to a very unpleasant surprise, the thing that haunts all women, My period! And not only that it ruined one of My favorite thongs, UGH! So instead of dwelling over My loss and chucking it, I thought, well those sick fucks will pay for it. So I’m selling it to the highest offer! So far I have 6 offers, highest one is $120 so far, I will be taking offers until after Thanksgiving then this nasty ass piece of trash will become some sick fucks treasure, make sure it’s you! Here’s some pics as promised…


First pic is the front of the thong, 2nd is the back, as you can see they are completely fucking soaked and ruined! This is a white cotton, VS brand thong. I will send it world wide but YOU will pay the shipping, not Me! I have ziplocked it for now, if you want it vacuum sealed you will pay extra for that, to send Me an offer email Me at


Now on a less nasty note and a more funny one… yesterday I was called by My hosting company asking if I wanted to pay for My domains and hosting in a package deal they are offering, and this is how the conversation went:

Me: hello?

Hosting rep: Yes, is this…

Me: yes it is

Hosting rep: I was calling to inform you that your domain will be due to be renewed on (forgot the date he said lol) did you want to renew that now or pay for our packages that offer you to pay for it a few years in advance?

Me: no thanks, I have it on auto renew

Hosting rep: okay, well I also see here another domain that is not on auto renew did you want to renew that one?

Me: no thanks, I want to let that one go

Hosting rep: are you sure it’s a very good domain?

Me: yep, I’m good

Hosting rep: if you don’t mind me asking, what do you use the domain for?

Me: for business purposes

Hosting rep: oh…. what kind of business is on the site?

Me: (at this point he was keeping Me on the phone too long and My patience grew thin lol) Oh, I have videos of Me kicking guys in the nuts and other fun things, want to give it a try big boy?

Hosting rep: okay, so that domain is for business purposes (you could tell he sounded nervous now LMFAO) I will note that ma’am. and is there anything else I can help you with ma’am? (LOL all of a sudden he starts calling Me “ma’am” LMFAO)

Me: nope I’m good

Hosting rep: (still sounding nervous and having a squeezing voice now) okay ma’am, then you have a nice day

Me: oh I will, some balls will be hurting soon

He then hung up LMFAO!!! OMG My sides hurt from laughing. I bet he was vanilla but curious as hell lol. See what curiosity gets you, LOL it gets you the truth, and given to you bluntly LMFAO!!!